Governance Structure of the PMSA

This page provides the starting point for information on the governance of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) and the PMSA Council, the profiles of the members of the PMSA Council, information about the committees that support Council, and PMSA policies and procedures including the PMSA Constitution and By-Laws.

The PMSA's governing body is Council, is chaired by the PMSA Chairman and advised by its standing committees, namely the Appointment and Remuneration Committee; Audit and Finance Committee and Education and Pastoral Care Committee.

The Council and Standing Committees are supported by the PMSA Corporate Office.

Each PMSA school is governed by a School Council consisting of eight members, up to three of whom are members of the PMSA Council,  up to four of whom are independent persons appointed from the relevant school community and the school principal. The PMSA delegates to these councils the responsibility for administration of the schools and are responsible to PMSA council for their performance. The School Principals report to these School Councils and have operational responsibility for the schools.

The Organisational Chart below provides an overview of the structure of the PMSA.