PMSA Policies and Guidelines

Child Protection  

To access the PMSA's policies relating to the protection from harm of children please cick here.    

Fairness and Equity

PMSA Anti-Discrimination Policy

The PMSA Anti-Discrimination Policy aims to ensure that the PMSA has working and educational environments that are conducive to student and employee well-being in which all persons are treated fairly and equitably and free from all forms of discrimination.

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PMSA Constitution

The Constitution of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association was endorsed by the Presbyterian Church of Queensland and the Uniting Church in Australia in November 2003 and adopted by PMSA Council on 28 November 2003.

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PMSA By-Laws

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Health and Safety and Injury Management

PMSA Work Health and Safety Commitment Statement

This statement confirms the commitment of the PMSA Council to providing safe and healthy working and learning environments within all PMSA schools.

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PMSA Stay at Work/Return to Work Policy Statement

The PMSA recognises that helping workers stay at work or make an early or safe return after an injury minimises the impact of injury on them and their families.

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