Welcome to the PMSA Council

The PMSA Council is the governing body of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association. Subject to the law, the PMSA Constitution and the PMSA By-Laws, the Council is responsible for the good government of the business of the Association and the attainment and performance of the Association’s objects and may exercise all of the powers of the Association except those that are required to be exercised in general meeting.

The PMSA Council comprises nine Councillors, including the Chairman, who contribute a blend of commercial, governance, legal, academic, administrative and public sector expertise to the business and operation of  the Council. Councillors are elected or appointed in accordance with the provisions of the PMSA Constitution and the PMSA By-Laws. All Councillors work in a voluntary capacity. Of the 15 Councillors, six are appointed from each of the Uniting and Presbyterian Churches in Queensland and the remaining three are Council appointed Councillors. The Council reports annually to the Assembly of The Presbyterian Church and to the Synod of the Uniting Chruch.

The Council’s principal responsibilities are to:

  • Articulate the PMSA's vision, mission and values
  • Set the strategic plan and adopt a budget which delivers the objectives
  • Maintain an effective relationship with the churches and maintain its Christian ethos in the schools
  • Set policy and operating guidelines for the group and ensure schools have effective procedures in place to achieve compliance with educational, legislative and community requirements
  • Ensure the continuing financial strength of the group and the adequate and effective management of resources
  • Appoint competent School Councils, School Principals and School Chaplains and appoint, support and assess the performance of senior executives
  • Monitor plans and performance of all units and the group
  • Determine, monitor and strengthen the organisation's programs and services
  • Plan for succession in its membership, seeking always to have willing, competent and committed people in its ranks and assess its own performance on an annual basis
  • Ensure that its structure and procedures create genuine accountability for the performance
  • Review the risks facing the PMSA and ensure that techniques, procedures and controls are put in place to eliminate or mitigate any adverse effects on the PMSA or its schools

The PMSA Council welcomes comment from the wider PMSA community on all aspects of the governance of the Association.