Governance Review

The PMSA understands that the community are looking for a greater degree of accountability and transparency in schools. We acknowledge and understand that parents have a committed long-term relationship with their children’s school and are concerned about the governance of that school which affect the quality of the educational outcomes for their children.

The PMSA has been operating and governing schools for 100 years. We have sound governance practices and have successfully built and continue to govern four outstanding independent schools. But we understand that practices change and community expectations change.

To respond to these changes and community concerns, the PMSA has engaged the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) to review our governance arrangements against standards of good governance practice. Specifically, the PMSA has requested the AICD to review the role and composition of the PMSA Council and the School Councils.

The governance review is taking the form of an open consultation process in the form of written submissions which will allow the school community to participate and contribute thoughts on key issues. In addition, the PMSA will complement this formal review process with a series of open forums held at each school. At the end of the review process, the AICD and the PMSA will release a summary of the findings of the review.

We believe this review is one of the positive steps the PMSA is taking to improve our governance, increase our transparency and build confidence with our school community.

Below are documents relating to the AICD’s governance review.


The AICD sought written submissions from the community in response to their Issues Paper. Submissions could be made anonymously, however, identifying yourself and your connection to a school will help the AICD in their analysis. Submissions can be made by emailing written comments in Microsoft Word or PDF format to Submissions are now closed.


The PMSA complemented the formal governance review process with public forums at each of the PMSA schools in April 2018. These forums were facilitated by independent facilitator Simon Rumore and were open to the community. They were also attended by PMSA Councillors, School Councillors, School Principals, and the PMSA corporate office. The forums: 

  • Discussed the current governance structure.
  • Provided the opportunity for the community to ask questions.
  • Provided clarity on governance change options available.

If you have any queries regarding the governance review, please contact