What We Do

The PMSA’s role is to set the vision and overall strategic direction of each school and link the four schools with the two churches. The PMSA Board members and corporate office work closely with each School Council and Principal to provide outstanding teaching and learning environments for students and staff.

For each school, the PMSA provides:

  • a caring, Christian-based culture
  • high quality programs for developing teaching excellence
  • financial strength and support
  • human resources, legal and compliance support
  • governance and policy-making support, particularly around child safety

Examples of what the PMSA Board and the administrative corporate office provides each school include:

  • Strategic direction – Setting the strategic direction of the PMSA and the schools and adopting budgets to deliver the objectives.
  • Financial strength – Managing PMSA assets to ensure the continuing financial strength of the PMSA and the schools.
  • Collective purchase agreements – Arranging collective purchase agreements such as insurance and professional development for our schools’ staff.
  • Teacher frameworks – Providing quality teacher frameworks and networking with other teachers.
  • Teacher Education scholarships – Offering PMSA teacher education scholarships for graduating students.
  • Indigenous scholarships – Offering PMSA indigenous scholarships for current students.
  • Pastoral care – Providing Christian-based pastoral care frameworks for students and maintaining the Christian ethos in the schools.
  • Policies – Providing education and teaching policies and operating guidelines, particularly around child protection, ensure schools have effective procedures in place to achieve compliance with educational, legislative and community requirements.
  • Human resources – Negotiating staff enterprise bargaining agreements and appointing and inducting PMSA Board members, School Council members, School Chaplains and School Principals.
  • Compliance – Co-ordinating Blue Card audits.
  • Business support – Auditing, reporting, compliance, governance, legal and financial support.
  • Risk management – Reviewing the risks facing the PMSA and ensure that techniques, procedures and controls are put in place to eliminate or mitigate any adverse effects on the PMSA or its schools.
  • Church link – Providing the link and maintaining the relationship with the Presbyterian and Uniting Churches.
  • Administration – Providing administration support to the PMSA Board and School Councils.
  • Term dates – Setting term dates.