Staff Professional Development

The PMSA is committed to enhancing the knowledge and expertise of staff with internal and external professional development and training. All professional development aligns to Queensland College of Teachers requirements and includes:

  • An annual PMSA new staff induction day at the commencement of each school year
  • A PMSA professional development day every four years for all PMSA staff – both teaching and non-teaching staff
  • An annual professional development day for teaching staff – (alternated each year between a combined schools day and an individual school-based day)
  • 24 hours of relevant and directed professional development for teaching staff with 12 of the 24 hours provided through afternoon/evening seminars during school term

PMSA acknowledges high quality teachers and their role in teaching excellence and the wider education community. In 2014, the PMSA introduced packages to reward existing PMSA staff with Lead Teachers and Highly Accomplished Teachers. These reward packages are important additions to the PMSA Quality Teacher Recognition Framework.

Each year, teachers are invited to make their formal applications for these packages during term 2 and announcements are made in term 3.