PMSA Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The PMSA’s mission is to provide outstanding teaching and learning environments for our students and staff, in schools built on the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. Our focus is to enable students to discover and then develop their God-given talents. Our aim is for students to achieve personal excellence, live a fulfilling and satisfying life and make a meaningful contribution to family and society.

Driven by our Vision

The PMSA's vision is to build caring school communities, by providing world-class teaching and learning environments of excellence, permeated by Christian faith and actions.

Guided by our Values

PMSA schools play an important role in providing an outstanding education and guiding young people with values for life. Founded on strong Christian values – relationships, care, ethics, personal development, excellence and celebration – each PMSA school is unique and individual, but shares with each other their collective values as well as their knowledge and expertise to enhance the educational experience across all schools.    

Relationships – We strive to form binding, constructive relationships based on faith, love, compassion and forgiveness.

Care – We care for our people. We seek and provide a safe environment for growth and development, where we can respect ourselves and the needs of others. 

Ethics – We encourage the building of strong ethical standards based on truth and integrity.

Personal Development – We foster resilience, where we learn from our mistakes and successes, and seek continuous improvement and self management.

Excellence – We aspire to achieve excellence and encourage each person to reach our potential.

Celebration – We collectively recognise and celebrate our own and others’ achievements and milestones.