PMSA Organisational Structure

The organisational chart below provides an overview of the structure of the PMSA and our relationship with our four schools.

PMSA Board

The PMSA is run by a Board of Directors which comprises up to 13 Board members. Up to five Board members are each appointed by the Presbyterian Church and the Uniting Church and up to three are directly appointed by the PMSA Board. Each Board member is a volunteer and holds office for three years. Board members are eligible for re-appointment up to a maximum period of nine years.

Please see the PMSA Board page for more information on each Board member or the PMSA Constitution for more information on the Board governance. 

The PMSA Board is supported by three advising committees, a School Council at each of the four schools and the PMSA corporate office.

PMSA Committees

To assist the PMSA Board provide quality education services to achieve the PMSA vision, mission and values, three PMSA committees provide specialist advice – the Appointment and Remuneration Committee, the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee, and the Education and Pastoral Care Committee.

Members of these committees are selected based on their expertise and include both PMSA Board members and other specialist adviser members.

Appointment and Remuneration Committee

The Appointment and Remuneration Committee is responsible for the smooth continuity of operations of the affairs of the PMSA Board and to develop the employee relations strategy for the PMSA and our schools.

This committee sources and recommends appropriate personnel for the various Board, School Council and Committee roles as well as advises the PMSA Board on matters of corporate governance policies, recruitment processes, and policies and practices in the areas of human resources and industrial relations. This committee also develops the appropriate contract terms and conditions and remuneration arrangements for staff.

Current members on this committee are:

  • Greg Adsett, B Arch, RAIA, GAICD (Chairman)
  • Anne Bennett, MBBS, MAICD
  • Greg Skelton, B Bus (Accounting), MBA (Strategy), CPA, MAICD
  • Jim Demack, LL.B, LL.M, A.MUS.A
  • Jennifer Radbourne, CertTeach, ATCL, LSDA, BA, MA, PhD, GAICD

Audit, Finance and Risk Committee

The Audit, Finance and Risk Committee is responsible for fulfilling the PMSA’s responsibilities relating to the accounting and reporting practices and operating activities as well as financial and non-financial risk.

This committee ensures the adequacy of the PMSA accounting, administrative, risk management and operating controls; works with external auditors and the internal auditors, School Councils, and School Business Managers to facilitate reporting and operational efficiency; and serves as an independent party to review the financial information presented by schools to the PMSA.

Current members on this committee are:

  • Greg Skelton, B Bus (Accounting), MBA (Strategy), CPA, MAICD (Chairman)
  • Greg Adsett, B Arch, RAIA, GAICD
  • Mark Gray, B.Econ (Hons), GAICD

The Audit, Financial and Risk Committee was renamed in 2018 and the committee's Charter has also been revised to include financial and non-financial risk governance. 

Audit, Financial and Risk Committee Charter

Education and Pastoral Care Committee

The Education and Pastoral Care Committee is responsible for advising the PMSA on matters of educational, pastoral and spiritual direction and significance.

The committee is responsible for advising the PMSA Board on the organisation’s strategic development to achieve our mission and has the responsibility for overseeing matters relating to "Protection from Harm" and the safety and wellbeing of members of the school community. This committee focusses on ways to encourage and build students’:

  • knowledge of Christian beliefs centred on the Scripture and the Christian tradition, teachings and ethos of the Presbyterian and Uniting churches;
  • personal development through interpersonal relationships within both the school and the wider community;
  • fulfilment of innate personal abilities, capacities and talents and personal fulfilment in life;
  • high quality formal knowledge; and
  • desire to innovate in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Current members on this committee are:

  • Greg Adsett, B Arch, RAIA, GAICD
  • Bridget Cullen, BA, JD, MA, PhD, LL.B, Grad Cert (Urban and Regional Planning)
  • Wayne Knapp, PG Cert (Applied Mgt), PG Dip (Bus Admin), PG Cert (Bus Admin)
  • Jacqueline McPherson, LL.B

School Councils

Each of the PMSA schools is run by a School Council which consists of up to nine members. Each School Council is a committee of the PMSA Board and includes the school’s Principal as a non-voting member, up to two PMSA Board members, and up to six independent School Council members appointed from the school’s community. The PMSA Board delegates the responsibility for administration and performance to these School Councils. The school Principals report to these School Councils and have operational responsibility for the schools.

The School Councils of each school are listed on each school’s website:

Brisbane Boys’ College

Clayfield College

Somerville House

Sunshine Coast Grammar School

Corporate Office

The PMSA corporate office is the administrative support office for the PMSA Board and undertakes many of the administrative roles to support the PMSA Board, the School Councils and the four schools.